We Must Fix the Lack of Housing Inventory

The housing inventory available for sale or rent at any point in time depends on three components: the existing stock of homes, additions to the stock from new development, and removal of homes.

"As we head into late spring, the demand for purchase credit remains rock solid, which should set us up for another robust summer home sales season. While this year’s high rates – up 50 basic points from a year ago – have put pressure on the budgets of some home shoppers, weak inventory levels are what’s keeping the housing market.

Real Estate Valuations Here’s why the housing market continues to struggle with low inventory And what it will mean for home sales in 2017

We Must Fix the Lack of Housing Inventory Posted on May 31, 2017 by admin in News It is getting harder and harder for first-time home-buying because the supply of single-family homes has decreased for 21 consecutive months.

One medical emergency, one miscalculation, one unexpected repair, and you could lose your home and have to navigate living unsheltered. Our low minimum wage and lack of affordable housing. we agree.

As Greater Washington grapples with low housing inventory, lack of affordability and miserable commutes, one thing is increasingly clear: The current housing market doesn’t make sense for anybody.

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Housing Prices to Skyrocket Amid Lack of Inventory, Soaring Rates. MARKETS AND FED POLICY IMPLICATIONS: For months, maybe even years now, we have blamed the lack of homes on the market for the relatively low level and modest rise in the sales of homes. And those explanations still make sense.

One Vanderbilt developer could turn to EB-5 financing because if the regional center becomes terminated, then everybody who’s sponsored by that regional center could end up losing their immigration case, no matter how well the project would turn. a.

ACI Economic Earmark: We Must Fix the Lack of Housing inventory. january 10, 2017. Y-O-Y Sales Drops May Be Reversing. November 18, 2016. More Renters Concerned With Rising Utility Costs Than Rent costs. november 16, 2016.

Homebuilders not producing what buyers want. Unfortunately, the supply of new homes is yet to catch up in this price range, which will limit new home sales to around 620,000 units." Other economists agreed the increase in new home sales was held back by a lack of housing inventory, but explained other areas of the housing market are being hit much harder by the inventory shortages.